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All It Can Be

Like any volunteer organization there are administrative, organizational and event oriented costs the Young Gassers accrue on your behalf. Your financial support helps to defray these costs, and instead of spending our time raising money, we can focus our attention on the business at hand — making our association the best that it can be.

Value Proposition

What do you get for your membership?

  1. Access to our network, currently numbering over 420 members, located in 11 different countries, representing over 260 different  organizations.

  2. Electronic membership directory.

  3. E-mail news and information updates.

  4. Invitations to our annual gatherings.

  5. Invitation to our Professional Social Networking Group @ LinkedIn

Member Supported

The Young Gassers is 100% member supported through contributions made by individuals and corporate sponsors, like yourself. Your contributions help to support our welcome receptions, networking outreach programs & marketing efforts aimed at providing value for all of our members, young and not so young alike.

This value comes in the form of new sales opportunities, lead generation and sharing helpful news, information and advise we can all use in our daily operations or professional careers.

2018 Young Gassers
Executive Officers & Board of Directors


Jim Renaldo, NORCO Propane Energy Services

Past President
Becky Zigmond, VFG Leasing & Finance

Vice President:
Jason Soulon,  Westmor Industries


Rebecca Ryman, LP Cylinder Service, Inc.


Shawn Auxier, Bulk Truck and Transport, Inc.

Darren Eavis, Total Control Systems

Brian Kanaba, LPGas Magazine

Milissa Lord, A. R. M. Solutions, Inc.

Boyd McGathey, WESROC

Rita Pecilunas, Strategic Marketing Resources

Joe Rose, Retired

Fred Summers, VFG Leasing & Finance

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